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Behind the Scenes, Producing a Music Extravaganza at Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall is one of the few halls in the world that is prestigious in terms of both name and association. Anybody with ambitions in music would be honored to have the chance to...

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The Camaraderie of Traveling Camps

Between my junior and senior years of high school, I had the chance to go camping as part of a Summer Leadership Program with the Air Force Junior ROTC class. This was basically a ...

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10 Travel Tips from a Professional Triathlete

Traveling is the gateway to many amazing opportunities and experiences, so you want to make sure to arrive feeling your best. I’m Greg Billington, a professional triathlete ...

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9 Student Tips for Better School Trips

After several rounds of intense regional contests, I was headed to my first Technology Students Association international competition in Orlando. I was just a measly high school fr...

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